Descargar MobiPast - Software de monitoreo gratis para iPhone y Android
En tan sólo 5 minutos, comenzará a monitorear en secreto el teléfono celular de su hijo.

Recibe en secreto copiado de mensajes, llamadas, posiciones GPS, conversaciones en Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber y mucho más!

+ usuarios de todo el mundo, y usted?

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Sólo $ 29.99

Términos de uso

You must be an adult (+18) and have the permission or the consent of the people to install the monitoring software on their mobile device. MobiPast can not be held responsible for all violations of privacy or other offenses arising from the use of our service.


Full version
The full version of Mobipast give you access to all functions of our service for 29.99€ for 30 days. We can not be held responsible if future version of MobiPast are not compatible with your mobile device or operating system.


The Mobipast application and monitoring software are provided free along with several features that allow you to test the compatibility of your mobile devices before purchasing the full version. By this method, no claims can be made.


Data stored
MobiPast doesn’t store any captured data by the monitoring software. Only you get a copy of them inside your email account by encrypt files.


We record and store only the email address (not the password) you use in MobiPast application to manage and maintain your account and your license.


By downloading and purchasing the full version of Mobipast application and monitoring software, you are agree to accept and comply with the terms of use above.


For more informations, please contact us at contact(at)