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En tan sólo 5 minutos, comenzará a monitorear en secreto el teléfono celular de su hijo.

Recibe en secreto copiado de mensajes, llamadas, posiciones GPS, conversaciones en Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber y mucho más!

+ usuarios de todo el mundo, y usted?

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Quiénes somos

Designed by a small team of passionate, MobiPast is the result of several months of work dedicated to the research and development of new monitoring technology for mobile devices running on iOS and Android.


Send messages, GPS positions, calls, etc.. captured via a Gmail or Yahoo email and not a server to make our users own 100% of their data was our main objective. Data are also encrypted for maximum security and confidentiality.


Today, MobiPast is the first parental control solution that provides the ability to monitor unlimited mobile devices simultaneously from a application.



Pierre | Co-creator | Linkedin